Public Administration

We develop solutions and services for the public administration sector supported by over two decades of experience in developing innovative software solutions for e-government within the regional governments (Autonomous Communities) and various state agencies.

This experience has enabled us today to have a range of tangible and intangible assets of enormous value to address projects:

At organisational level: with an in-depth knowledge of the Autonomous Communities, of their structure, equipment, needs, problems, relationships, etc., knowledge which thus allows us to anticipate the identification of potential problems

At functional level

  • Intelligence on the needs of the Autonomous Communities regarding the required systems, based on the experience and lessons learned. From our knowledge of the business, it is possible to anticipate that impact and risks that certain decisions may have on the different subsystems or areas that make up the business and management systems.
  • Existence of tangible assets generated in the course of services provided to the autonomous communities and state agencies. This includes functional knowledge, supporting documentation, horizontal services, business components from different subsystems and modules, interfaces and support utilities.

At technical level:

  • Ability to ensure adequate time for the implementation of new projects and the migration of historical information, thanks to our knowledge of the technology and architecture of the new information system.

At process level:

  • Proof of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement in our production processes in order to better serve our customers in the public administration sector.



Through our solution for implementation of the management, control and electronic monitoring of business processes, covering the entire life cycle, and which consists of:

  • Website: allowing the deployment of Websites under Law 11/2007.
  • Workflow Engine (TiFlows): managing the life cycle of processes and enabling interoperability with external systems.
  • Dossier or Procedures Manager (TiProceeding): allowing users to interact with the flow managed by the workflow.
  • Electronic Invoicing (eFactura): receiving and managing invoices electronically in Facturae format.
  • Electronic Tendering (eLicita): allowing comprehensive electronic management of public procurement processes.
  • Signature Platform and Portafirmas (TiSigns): providing reliability to information, documents and identities by means of digital certificates.


Our Collaboration Platform and Semantic Web solution for the management of educational resourcesaimed at students and teachers allows:

  • Faceted searches restricting the subset of data from the previous search through multiple facets..
  • Enriched content with contexts generated from the open data from a file, from other communities or otherdatabases and external systems etc..
  • Participation communities. Allowing the creation of ecosystems of linked communities with which to develop engagement strategies. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes

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